What We Do

At North Wales Roofing we treat all jobs as important as each other, whether it be repairing a slipped slate or leaking gutter or even bigger projects, fitting dormers and whole roof replacements.

Commercial roof damage

We also fix commercial roofing

Our staff are fully time served roofers and builders. We provide a professional, friendly and reliable service throughout North Wales all work is guaranteed and in accordance with British Standards.

For free advice and quotations you can call by telephone, Email us or fill in our form and tell us what you would like us to do for you,

We also provide roof surveys for peace of mind when buying your new home, for a detailed report, please phone for more details.

With all our years of roofing experience, we have the knowledge to carry out our work correctly and abide by the correct code of practice.

Flat Roof potential for damage

North Wales Roofing will fix this

With this experience we know what we’re talking about when it comes to roofing. With work undertaken on both domestic and commercial properties with a vast knowledge on all aspects of roofing, we believe we are the right company for you.

Here are some of the services we offer throughout North Wales

  • Slating and Tiling
  • Chimney Re-pointing/Re-build
  • Traditional Flat Roofs
  • Gutter & UPVC Fascias and Soffits
  • Lead Work
  • We also have a 24 hour call out service for emergencies
Completed Residential House

We will take pictures of all finished work

How We Work

We will come to quote your job for free

Providing it is in the boundaries outlined on our home page, we usually quote during the evening, we can always arrange other times though for maximum convenience to the customer. we can usually present the quote onsite or with little delay by email. in some circumstances we can quote and email without even seeing the customer.

We will give you a breakdown of the work and costings according to your specificications

our quotes will leave nothing to the imagination, you will know where you stand with us as we are very clear on job specs and pricing.

We will produce a payment plan depending on the work

Many larger jobs need a payment plan, we arrange that through talking with the customer, no interest will be charged! we just need to buy materials in stages or pay for large amounts of labor. this will always be balanced in the customers favour.

e.g A 9 day job. day 2-3 payment of £600 needed for materials and labor. day 5 £1700 again materials and labor. day 9 completion payment £1900. total £4200 in three stages.

Tell you when we are available and how long the work will take

We use the latest technology to track our time, couple that with our years of experience, we can plan the whole job at minimum disruption to the customer. of course the weather is always a factor working on roofs, we can’t change the weather but we take conditions into consideration when giving your timeframe.

Explain the process and tell you how the work will affect you day to day goings on

Most of this information will appear on the quote, we will tell you what we are doing wneh we are doing it and how it will cause any disruptions

On accepting the quote we will give you a written contract for both parties to agree on

This is a requirement of our professional company, there must be a contract that we both agree on before work starts, this protects the customer and our company.

On start day we will come to your door fully equipped for the work

We know what we are doing and time is money, we will be at your door ready to start work, we will work according to the agreed plan and be punctual and informative about our comings and goings

Whilst on job, we will endeavour to be as tidy and discreet as we can

Nobody likes a mess, North Wales Roofing maintain a tidy working environment, with safety always most important

On completion we will invoice you for the outstanding moneys

We will certainly not ask you for the whole fee before the work is complete, it is our policy to ask for final payment when we and the customer are happy that the work is complete to the specifications outlined in the plan. on some occasions part payments will be required thoughout the work

We will give you a guarantee of our work dependant on the specification

We will guarantee all of our work apart from temporary repairs, the period of guarrantee differs according to the work carried out, typically 3-10years on various products

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    Email: services@northwalesroofing.co.uk

    Please call or email, leave a message for me and I will get back to you when I can.

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